Color Chart

Pantone Color Chart

Pantone are the worlds biggest and most respected authority on color, They have been for over 40 years.If it has something to do with color then the chances are that Pantone has something to do with it.As a web master I use colors every day and the pantone color charts are the ones which continually pop up on my desk, my fax machine and even in my email. Color is a universal language and one which pantone speaks fluently whether you are designing logos, graphics, textiles, or printed materials - the chances are you have seen a pantone color chart.

Pantone has many different color systems and is constantly developing new combinations and variations of their color chart systems.

Hexachrome Pantone color chart

The Hexachrome Pantone color chart is an ultra high ,six color printing system that produces far more brilliant colors than the traditional 4 color systems previously used. The Hexachrome Pantone charts are used by big names in the design world such as Adobe, Macromedia, Quark and many, many more.

Textile Pantone color chart

For those in the interior design, fashion and textiles industries the textile Pantone color chart is an absolute vital tool. Made up of over 1900 colors in cotton or paper formats its ideal for color scheming and manufacturing.

Plastic Pantone color chart

Plastic is one of the worlds most used materials and is used in huge range of manufactured products from toy boats to the keyboard I am typing this text on right now. The Plastic Pantone color chart is made up of hundreds of different colors, solid, transparent and opaque.

Color Cue Pantone color chart

Pantone developed the color cue Pantone color chart so that colors can be transported easily across material, industries and the global community. Color can be extracted from any flat surface and then determined to the nearest color in the pantone color chart. The color can then be identified and used in other materials and formats.