Color Chart

Color of a Diamond chart

They say that "diamonds are a girls best friend". Well here you can choose the perfect color of a diamond using our color of a diamond chart.

Clarity of diamond color

Diamonds are graded using various qualities, diamond color and clarity being one of the major factors. Diamonds are graded on a scale of D (a colorless diamond) through to Z (lightly colored diamond). Other colored diamonds containing yellows, blues or pinks are graded by a separate diamond color chart

GIA, who grade most of the diamonds sold in the world today is the largest, oldest and most respected laboratories in the world, they issue certifications for diamonds in the form of a Grading Reports. GIA is a non-profit organization and is not owned or ran by diamond retailers or wholesalers. The GIA adeveloped the "four Cs" diamond rating system which is used almost universally today.

Diamond color Chart

Diamond color chart