Color Chart

Color chart code

As a web master myself, I know how difficult it can be to remember the color chart code of all the possible colors you could use on your website or blog. The reds, the blues, the greens, the oranges. Oh yeah and what was the color chart code for that really nice grey color I was using the other day. Although it may be easy to remember the color code for the primary colors it can get very difficult for less obvious ones. For example - I know without even looking that the color chart code for black is 000000, I know that white is ffffff and because I use it all the time I know that ff8000 will give me a very nice orange color. But what about all of the colors in between? How do I remember all of the color chart codes for all of them.

How it works

All color chart codes are made up of the three primary colors, these are red , green and blue (RGB). The first two digits of the six digit number define the amount of red in the color, the third and fourth numbers define the amount of green in the color and the fifth and sixth numbers define the amount of blue in the color. Because there are two hexadecimal values for each color, It is possible to specify up to 256 combinations for any given value, this means that you have a total 16,777,216 different combinations to create the color you require. "But how am I going to remember all those color chart codes" I hear you cry. Actually you don't. Because of browser incompatibilities such as Netscape, opera and various others it is advised that you only stick to the 256 colors of the color chart code which are specified as "web safe" by the W3C. You can read more about web safe colors here. To be sure your color code is web safe you should always try to use combinations of FF,CC,99,66,33,00. This will ensure that the color you have chosen is rendered properly by all browsers. If you would like a quick reference to grab your colors quickly you can simply point your browser to the color chart code tables on the html color chart page or our Myspace color chart page.